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Xray for Xbox 360

The Talismoon Xray Window kit for Xbox 360.
The Xray is a top quality molded acrylic one piece window.

Features include an attractive bevel on the edge, which is complemented with a ‘frosted” pattern that helps to make a good transition between the OEM case and the new internal view that awaits you. 16 integrated hooks clip firmly and quickly to the OEM microsoft case.

Universal instructions are printed on an adhesive template used when you cut
your OEM case. And Talismoon includes a microfiber polishing cloth so that your
Xray window kit will be so clear that your friends will swear it is not even

The Xray great starter item that can lead to many better things, like case
painting or internal light mods. Start your xbox customizations with a new
Xray window kit, the foundation for a beautiful case.

Works well with our Crystal Flow, Chrome Flow, or Twilight Flow fan ducts,
and with the Xray-DVD window unit.