Best Accessories for Xbox

Xbox One accessories purchase guide: 57 controls, covers, hard drives, cables, headphones, adapters, supports and more

If you are a user of Microsoft consoles, in this Xbox One S and Xbox One X accessory purchase guide you will find a complete selection of items to enjoy and protect your console: controls, cables, supports, covers and more.

  1. Controls

The Xbox comes with only one power, so if the idea is to play two people often, it is best to get a second joystick.

Also, among the Xbox accessories, we find steering wheel drivers that facilitate the experience in driving games, giving you a greater realism.

  1. PDP

PDP (23.99 euros) is control with outstanding value for money if you are looking for a second joystick. It has an identical design to the original with Jack Shot, a double engine to vibrate and generate a realistic experience and good finishes to improve the grip. It supports Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Windows.

  1. Xbox controller wireless

Another alternative is to get the original Xbox control. It is wireless, available in various colors and kits and offers the ergonomic layout and materials of Microsoft’s own. By 47,99 euros.

  1. Xbox Adaptive

The Xbox Adaptive Control offers maximum customization. This original design was born with the premise of bringing the game closer to people with mobility problems. It comes with a wide range of sockets and ports to connect external devices to optimize your gaming experience. It also allows you to customize it for several users. For 89,99 euros

  1. Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Chroma

We climbed a step in terms of quality and customization with the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Chrome (128.72 euros), which although not the official Microsoft, offers an authentic, comfortable and customizable gaming experience thanks to the addition of additional buttons. With lighting effects and braided cable for increased resistance.

  1. Elite Wireless

If you are an intensive player looking for accuracy and ergonomics, Microsoft’s Elite Wireless (146.63 euros) command features a careful design that enhances efficiency, ergonomics, and sensitivity. It includes interchangeable crosshairs and triggers.

  1. Kit subsonic steering wheel and pedals

It turns the driving experience into games into something more natural with a flyer like this from Subsonic, a kit compatible with both Xbox and Play Station composed of the steering wheel and pedals. The steering wheel rotates 180 degrees and is equipped with five suction cups to fix it. For 59,90 euros.

  1. Kit Hori

Outstanding price value for the Hori Kit (87.99 euros). With a compact and robust sports design, this officially licensed Microsoft kit integrates sequential change came into the steering wheel and enables it to rotate 270 degrees. With analog pedals.

  1. Thrust master TMX Pro

If you are an intensive driver’s title player, the Thrust master TMX Pro kit (199 euros) is the official racing simulator for Xbox One and Windows. It consists of a mechanical system that emulates the experience at the wheel realistically, comes with three adjustable metal pedals and the finishes remind of a real steering wheel.

  1. Remote Control

The Xbox is not only a video console, but we can also use it as a media center thanks to the number of video and music applications on streaming, as well as the ability to play DVDs and Blu-ray.

Control it with the joystick is possible, but * * it is more comfortable to do it in traditional remote control format**. So, if you’re going to make use of this Xbox function, the right idea is to get a remote control.

These small elements allow us to intuitively control disks and applications such as HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube…

  1. Microsoft Media Remote

This is Microsoft’s official remote control. It is very compact, with large keys, good finishes, and batteries included. For 48,96 euros

  1. Batteries and Chargers

The Xbox offers three power solutions for your controls: using them with batteries, replacing batteries with rechargeable batteries or forgetting the above and depending on a cable.

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but from comfort, many users will choose to feed them with a rechargeable battery or batteries, something that on the one hand offers us the freedom to use it without cables and on the other not have to think about replacing the batteries.

However, using a battery or rechargeable battery requires it to be ready at the time of starting a game session. In this sense, in the market we find spare batteries to be able to exchange them and supports that will keep the controls at the same time as they load them so that they are always ready.