Best Games for Xbox

With Sega practically out of Business, Sony and Nintendo rubbed their hands thinking about the thousands of users left “orphaned.” But before they could sing victory, a new contestant joined the match: Microsoft, the computer giant, decided to try their luck in the console business. And, as you know, the play came out round, Square X.

With an architecture based on DirectX graphics technology (hence the name), the machine surpassed its main competitors, PlayStation 2 and Game Cube, in technical matters. The reception on the North American market was simply overwhelming, with 1.53 million units sold in just three months since they were put on sale. But neither the sales nor the power of this ‘box X’ was sufficient to dethrone the Black Beast, who rose as the winner of the generation (and history). Although, yes, he got an honorable second place; this is commendable given that Nintendo, one of the most experienced companies in the industry, was overtaken.

And one of the main culprits of Xbox’s success was a John-117 or Master Chief, as it is commonly known, who debuted on the console to prove that the FPS were not PC-exclusive. Both the character and the saga rose to the stardom of video games, demonstrating the unique role of Bungie, a company that Microsoft did not take long to secure. But since not only shots Live the player, then we leave you with a selection of 20 jewels that show why Xbox is currently one of the main pillars of the industry.

  1. HALO / HALO 2

And what better way to start than with the two titles starring SPARTAN in Xbox: Halo: Combat Evolved became just for sale in an instant classic, at the mercy of a fast and straightforward game system but with a good number of possibilities. As well as a story that hooked from minute one and that has given birth to a whole universe of books, comics, series. The second part, in addition to a graphic leap, introduced improvements such as the possibility of equipping two weapons at the same time and the presentation of a new protagonist with great importance within the plot: The Inquisitor. Curiously, Halo 2 is remembered for putting on sale in our country with neutral Spanish dubbing, something that did not quite sit well with the Spanish speakers. I Need a weapon!

  1. FABLE

The always controversial Peter Molineux did not fulfill many of the promises he made regarding Fable, but still, it is undeniable that it is a brilliant game and one of the most fun and varied RPG ever created. Our avatar is a boy whom we will see growth, from the earliest childhood to Old Age, acquiring along the way great gifts in the art of strength, agility, and magic. This means absolute control over the character and his actions: if we often use brute force, we will see his increased musculature, and if we suffer a powerful attack, we will have a scar for the rest of the adventure. Add to this a lot of objects and weapons, haircuts, tattoos, relationships with the opposite sex and, of course, a story worthy of a good RPG, and when you want to realize it, you will already be caught on the little chase. Fable Anniversary was recently released, an HD remake with updated graphics, whose analysis you can read here.


From the mind of military novelist, Tom Clancy was born Sam Fisher, the only spy who has dared to look Solid Snake directly in the eye. And it didn’t go badly. Splinter Cell led to Xbox infiltration into its highest exponent, in which light and sound play fundamental roles. Moreover, the first title is pleasantly remembered for the exceptional handling of lights and shadows, being able, for example, to shoot a light bulb to hide in the dark. Moreover, the story ran from eccentricities and science fiction to offer a plot with high political content. Chaos Theory, the third installment of the series, is considered the highlight of the Xbox series, for reusing the formula and polishing it, with the introduction of new movements and essential weapons such as the knife.


It is well known that film adaptations to video game format leave much to be desired. Hence Riddick’s Chronicles: Butcher Bay’s escape surprised the way he did. Although, of course, it should be noted that the story does not follow the charismatic silver-eyed character in any of his three films (soon four) but is placed before the Pitch Black events. And it literally puts us in the furan’s skin, because it is an FPS with a healthy dose of stealth and adventure in which, as the title shows, our goal is to escape from Butcher Bay, a maximum-security prison located on an inhospitable desert planet to which the most dangerous criminals in the entire galaxy go. It is an atypical shooter for emphasizing hand-to-hand combat, bare fist or with White weapons, although there is no shortage of firearms or Riddick’s unique ability to see in the dark.


Ryu Hayabusa earned the title of “best virtual ninja” (with permission from Joe mishmash) in the great NES Ninja Gaiden, Master System, and Super Nintendo. One of the most remembered features of these titles is their exceptional level of difficulty, something that the Team Ninja with Itagui in front knew how to correctly transfer to the Xbox circuits, along with a graphic section that is the best thing seen in the sixth generation of consoles. Hence, Ninja Gaiden is considered one of the most challenging (and satisfying) titles of his age, with a frantic and complicated combat system, with a multitude of combos and nymphs that will make us sweat gout if we want to dominate them. There are also typical movements such as running through the walls and on the water that make us feel like authentic Ninja Warriors. Just a year later it was released by Ninja Gaiden Black, including several adjustments and additions that made it the ultimate version of the game.