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VR Games for Xbox

Virtual reality has come to stay, and the Xbox ecosystem will be no exception. We already know that Microsoft has plans to launch virtual reality devices on Windows 10, that the possibility of streaming the Xbox One to Oculus Rift is on the way and even the first VR games for Project Scorpio are beginning to ring. However, to enjoy all these options, we will still have to wait a while. Do you want to experience virtual reality on Xbox One today? In SomosXbox we have found away, and we are already enjoying games like Titan fall 2 or Halo 5 in VR.

A smartphone is all you need

There are many virtual reality alternatives and many devices that support it. A good example is Android smartphones, which, thanks to the Cardboard technology developed by Google, can become low-cost virtual reality goggles. Well, here’s what we’re going to use for our virtual reality goggles to play Xbox One with. What do we need? As the amount for glasses, they are worth from the classic Cardboard that can be bought for just over€ 1 to more premium devices like Xiaomi VR glasses.

The final, the quality will depend both on the smartphone-a Full HD or higher screen is recommended, being ideal a mobile with a 2K display as well as on the virtual reality glasses, but we can always make a custom-made configuration of our pocket and our taste. We are going to use OnePlus Loop VR, a device that we could classify as “mid-range.”

Once we have everything, we must download the Trinus VR Lite application, which allows us to use the phone as virtual reality goggles that receive video streaming from our Windows 10 computer. Setting up the network will be our next step.

Streaming between Xbox One and Windows 10

To enjoy the virtual reality on Xbox One, we will take advantage of the streaming of Windows 10 to transmit the image to the glasses, and for this, we will have to download the Trinus VR application also on the PC. Once installed, we will have to configure it according to the specifications of our virtual reality glasses

If we click on the Configuration button, we will see several options available, where the most important is the sensitivity of the gyroscope (in our case the best experience occurred when increasing it to the maximum), the type of lens (Cardboard) and the size of the screen. We are using a Xiaomi Mi Note, which is a 5.5 ‘ device. The other options, in principle, do not need to be touched to have an optimal experience during the game.

Having done this, we will only have to start the relay button (the big triangle on the left) and do the same from the mobile app. You will automatically begin to see on your mobile the same as on the computer screen but configured to enjoy it via virtual reality.

Playing Xbox One in VR

We’re almost there! The last step to enjoy Xbox One games is to go to the Windows 10 app and start streaming from the console. We start a game, and we will see it correctly from the mobile placed in the virtual reality glasses:

It is a somewhat limited experience, mainly because it is impossible to pick up the head movements during the game and the quality of the video, which will depend both on the resolution of your smartphone and on the screen of the PC with which you make the retransmission. However, this is an exciting feature that will allow us to enjoy, for very little money, a first approach to virtual reality in our Xbox One. And who knows, maybe someday Microsoft will support something like that.

And you guys, have you tried virtual reality on Xbox One yet? Tell us about your experience and, if you have any problems, use the comments to ask for help. We will try to help you as much as possible.