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The Talismoon WhisperFan *RED*

Reincarnation. An unusual philosophy if you are developing new products. But Talismoon knows what OEM fans want when they get reincarnated – to be better performing and better looking. The new Talismoon Whisper Xbox 360 Replacement Fan moves 58% more air than the original, yet is 7% quieter. And the new red lights are enough to seduce any Xbox 360 into doing something it definitely won’t regret in the morning. Let your Xbox 360 hear the secrets of a new Whisper.

(behind are the standard Xbox 360 fan specifications)

DC Power: 12V (at 5v)- Original Fan: 12V (at 5v)
Current: 160mA – Original Fan: 250mA
Speed: 4100RPM – Original Fan: 4600RPM
Air flow: 46CFM – Original Fan: 29CFM
Loudness: 38d(B)a – Original Fan: 41d(B)a