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Modding has its hazards – but a nasty cut from a power tool can now be
completely avoided thanks to the Talismoon Window Kit Cutting Tool.

This product is a great alternative that doesn’t need any power, and the fact that it is a hand tool makes it easier to follow straight lines than an overpowered rotary tool. Also conveniently avoids any worries of slipping and taking an accidental ‘bite’ out your Xbox’s finish. Easy enough for any age to use, and very difficult to hurt yourself during use.

This tool was built to custom specifications for its specific use with the xbox 360. Other tools of this type will not have the necessary clearance to work on the thicker plastic of the Xbox 360. In addition to being useful for cutting windows, it can also be used to cut fan holes and other types of egress.

Compatible with all consoles on the market today, it is the perfect tool for Xbox 360 tuning!


– Specifically designed for the plastic of the xbox 360
– No power needed, use it under any conditions
– Hand tool reduces chance of mistakes common to power tools
– Easier clean up: Does not create dust or plastic powder
– Greatly reduced risk of flying chips of plastic
– Does not melt plastic, no risk of painful burns

Best tool to install Talismoon X-Ray kit!