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Replacing your failed DVD drive just got easier, with Talismoons 8164
solderless adapter. This device allows you to use an LG GDR-8164B DVD drive
with your original Xbox. Repairing your Xbox just got cheaper and easier! In
addition, the LG GDR-8164B drive reads CDs at 52x and DVDs at 16x, which
means that you will also experience faster read speeds (up to 8 times faster
than OEM). Fast read speeds means faster load speeds, which is less time
waiting when you could be playing.

Installation consists of using 2 PCBs to reroute the signals to pass through
Xbox connectors. It takes less than 5 minutes to use the included ribbon
cables to accomplish this, and no special tools are required to install the

The LG GDR-8164B has native support for reading the following disc types:

The LG GDR-8164B (with adapter installed) will work with Xbox versions
1.0-1.6. Your Xbox must already be modded to take advantage of the full
features of this item.